About Us

When Cape May County residents Jim and Donna Gardner purchased their first golf car, they quickly realized how useful it was. These local business owners decided that others might feel the same way. So they bought four more golf cars, which they sold almost immediately. A handful of cars soon became a truckload and, in 2001, Golf Cars Unlimited was born. 

At first, the Gardners offered a single line of Club Cars. But as business took off, they expanded. Today, Golf Cars Unlimited offers four different lines: (1) EZ GO - all models of utility vehicles and golf cars, (2) American Custom Golf Cars, low-speed electric vehicles which include the Hummer H3, the Escalade and the California Roadster, (3) GEM - a unique driving experience with an open design, and (4) Star, low-speed and traditional golf cars. We are always adding new models to our inventory.  Please call if you don't see it listed on our website.

The new lines opened up entirely new markets, which included both utility vehicles and those for corporate, as well as personal, use. Low-speed vehicles, approved for use in 41 U.S. states, offer a cost-effective alternative to high emission vehicles which exert both a toll on the environment and, with fuel prices, on one’s pocket book. In fact, Golf Cars Unlimited has grown tremendously since the price of oil has spiked and the “green” effect on the environment. 

Today, Golf Cars Unlimited serves a customer base that includes residents of island towns who use the low-speed vehicles to travel on 25 mph roads. Corporate customers are using the cars both for environmentally-friendly, economical transportation and for “perks” for their VIP clients. Campgrounds, municipalities, schools, prisons and construction sites are finding economical uses for them, as well. 

Golf Cars Unlimited is located at 1882 Route 9 in Clermont, New Jersey, and will ship the golf cars anywhere in the United States.