Campgrounds are the ideal place to own a golf car.  Golf cars are the only way to get around your campground community.   The uses are endless – use your golf car to get to the pool, another camp site, the clubhouse.   Golf cars are compact and easy to store and can transport the entire family.   These golf cars have a top speed of 13MPH and a range of 30miles.

Freedom RXV
Freedom TXT
Express s4
Express S6

Express L6
Red Rider
Phantom 2+2

Star Classic 36-2
Star Classic 48-2
Star Classic 36-2+2
Star Classic 48-4

Star Classic 48-4+2
Star Classic 48-6
Star SS Limited 36 V
Star SS Limited 48 V

Star ACcel 2-AC
Star Diablo 2+2
Star Diablo 4+2
Star 48-2H

Star Magellan 2-AC
Star Magellan 4-AC
Star AP48-04
Star AP48-06