Our products are perfect for the casino industry and its customers ranging from basic golf cart-style transport to a luxury Cadillac Escalade model that seats six. Such vehicles are authorized to travel on roads with speed limits up to 35 mph in the state of New Jersey. Whether you want to provide VIP transportation in town to your high rollers, move staff around your property, or “green” your fleet, the Low Speed Vehicle is a very economical choice. They range in price from $8,700 to $23,000 and there is no sales tax in the state of New Jersey.They also cost very little to maintain. There is no fuel required and no emissions produced. You simply need to charge the battery. Depending on the model, a battery charge can last from 30 to 70 miles a day.

The possibilities for Low Speed Vehciles on your property are virtually limitless. Not only are they cost-effective for transportation, but they are equally effective in showing your corporate commitment to the environment. Create a stir among your customers by giving one away! These vehicles are authorized for road travel in 41 states.

California Roadster
California Roadster Limo
39 Roadster NEV

T-Sport NEV
T-Sport Limo
T-Sport Cargo
T-Sport 2

If your casino maintenance department requires a new way to haul equipment or get around your properties, please see our Utility Models.